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We at Connelly have been working with a company called Eclipse Sustainability recently. What this company does is heat water with solar power. This can save ALLOT of money for condominiums who have radiant heating systems. we have some information below:

Just as the Connelly group is dedicated to their green initiative with Condo Papers, paperless transactions and recycling, we at Eclipse are dedicated to providing alternatives to fossil fuel in heating. Solar power is making a significant difference globally and we are offering an opportunity to capitalize on the potential savings in money and carbon emissions. Calgary is

the ideal location to take advantage of solar power, with more sun on average than any other Canadian city. With the progress of renewable energy technology developing at such a fast pace, the opportunity to make a difference is more affordable than ever before.

Avg. Hours of Sun Annually for Major Canadian Cities

Montreal Toronto Victoria

Regina Edmonton Calgary

Our Solar thermal systems have proven so effective, that they will save at least eight times the initial cost over the lifetime of the system. With the long-term trend towards increasing fuel costs, the savings can be even greater. Larger systems designed for commercial structures are even more cost effective because of the sheer volume of energy used for water and space heating. This translates to the full system cost being recovered in as little as 3 years. Solar thermal systems can do more than just heat your water; they are also very effective when used for space heating applications. As the average Canadian uses 160 liters a day for their hot water needs it is increasingly apparent a change to solar heating is the most prudent way to go.

Avg. Household Energy Usage

Typical Setup of Thermal System by Eclipse

1900 2500

Water Heating 29% Heating & Cooling 24% Other Appliances 17% Fridge/Freezer 9% Lighting 9%

Cooking 7% TV 5%



We at Eclipse are championing the use of evacuated tube collectors. These are long tubes composed of double-walled borosilicate glass. As our climate can be unpredictable and severe, the tubes are designed for harsh winter weather and can even resist impacts from hail up to 1” in diameter.
In between the double walls, there is a layer of absorbent and reflective coating, the absorbent layer collects UV radiation and converts it into heat while the reflective layer retains heat inside the hollow center of the tube. The heat collected is then

transferred to a manifold with up to 30 tubes, which transfers the heat to a water and glycol solution. The heated solution
then moves to a heat exchanger, which removes the heat and transfers it to your water heater or storage tank. In addition, solar thermal systems are straightforward

in design, and require little maintenance and no on-site supervision.

Evacuated Tube Components

Contact Eclipse Sustainability Projects to assess your building and we can show you how much you can expect to save.

• Evacuated tubes are vacuum insulated and retain up to 97% of all heat captured.

• Resilient construction allows tubes to withstand 1” diameter hail and supports loads of over 250 pounds.

• Triple layer coating captures UV radiation even on days that are overcast, snowy or even in the shade.

• Data logging systems show how the system is working and can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

• No on-site supervision required and very low maintenance.

• Increases the life of your boiler as it doesn’ t turn on as frequently.

• Each collector system can reduce CO2 emissions by hundreds of pounds per year.

• All solar units are manufactured under ISO, Key Mark, MCS, SRCC, CSA and CE specs and standards

• Systems are designed to work for at least 40 years.

• Cost of each system is recovered in 3 to 8 years.

• Saves 60% or more off heating bills or more depending on system size.

• Specialized and customized sophisticated designs mean that systems are created to be as efficient as possible.

• In the event of a fire, no toxic gases are released. • No risk of water contamination.
• Continues working even below -30°C.
• Contributes to LEED certification.

• Parts are inexpensive if repairs are needed.
• Solar powered backup systems in case of blackout.

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